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Even Though Your Life Looks “Perfect,” Do You

Still Feel Unfulfilled Disconnected, and Lost?

Have you accomplished your goals, but still feel unfulfilled?


Do you feel trapped in the motions of making your life happen?


Do you feel like something is missing from your life?


Do you feel lost and out of touch with your passion and inspiration?


If you answer, “Yes” to any of the questions above, I have one more question for you:


Whose definition of success are you pursuing?


The truth is, you’ve paid a price to get to where you are now. The price?  Your sense of aliveness.  Your passion for life.   Your connection to yourself.


In other words, the price is your joy.


How do I know? Because I’ve been there.

'My Life Was Glamorous, But On the Inside I Felt Empty’

For 12 years I lived the life of an international top model.  From Milan to Paris to New York I worked with the top names in the fashion industry.


It looked like a big, glamorous adventure from the outside. But more often than not it wasn't.  On the inside, I felt unfulfilled. I was deeply depressed. I felt broken


It all hit home when I was walking down the street in New York when I passed a 20-story building with a massive advertisement for GAP plastered on the side, with my face on it.


I should have been ecstatic but at that moment I felt nothing. I didn’t feel excited. I didn’t feel successful. I just felt… empty.


To cover up my sense of emptiness, I drank wine. I smoked cigarettes. I escaped into traveling. I poisoned my body and mind in an attempt to fill the hole I felt inside.


I was deeply disconnected from my true essence while my sense of self eroding away until -

Face to Face with Loss, the Pain Became Too Intense to Bear

In the span of four years, I lost my sister, my father, and endured 3 late-term pregnancies. I was crushed, and then-


My self-medication regime of wine and cigarettes stopped working. There was no where I could go to feel better. I dove head-first into a life-threatening depression for what felt like an ice-age.


At the end of my rope, I knew all I could do now was face my pain.


I knew I had to stop numbing and start acting in order to take my life into my own hands. I knew I needed to break the patterns that held me back from the life of joy I ached for.


And through it all, the only thing that kept me going was my drive to heal my depression. I longed to get more skills to get better at living my life,  and I did.

I learned everything I could to address my emotional hygiene, broken mindset, and poor physical wellness, I dove into conscious communication, ancestral healing, and shamanic medicine ceremonies.


I gained the insight I needed to why my life wasn’t working, and from there consciously created the life I craved. A life of connection, passion, and aliveness. A life not dictated by the expectations of my family or my culture -  a life I didn’t want to run away from.


Over time, people in my life noticed the positive changes in me, and they got curious.  I started sharing some of the tools and techniques I learned with them and they started to have major life shifts.


A friend who went on date after date, looking for the “one”, found the relationship they longed for by changing their internal orientation. Another friend who habitually put everyone else’s happiness before their own, learned how to prioritize themselves to create a life they truly liked.


And still others who would regularly get “set off” by their emotions and thinking patterns learned how to regulate and re-frame for a better life experience.


I have integrated and distilled the tools and technique I learned into my own coaching strategy, a mix of intuitive insight, 'tough love'  and compassionate cheer-leader to help people connect to their natural passion for life and ignite their inner fire.


This “intuitive strategy” is the foundation of the work I do with my clients.

I’ve Spent the Last 12 Years Learning the Most Effective Tools and Techniques to Help People Recover Their Sense of Self and Create a Life that Inspires Them

"Kim has a unique ability to get under the top layers of the conscious awareness to uncover the deeper meaning of my thinking and in the decisions I make. She’s perceptive and caring."

-- Kristen Knapp

Turn your breaking point into an evolution.


Do you experience needless pain and suffering in your life? Do you spiral through endless cycles of toxic thoughts, uncontrollable emotions, and unfulfilling relationships? If you’re ready to connect to your innate passion for life, I can help you create permanent, radical changes.

Ayahuasca prep and integration 

Many people work with scared medicines, have deep, powerful experiences…and never make changes in thier life, OR they make a worse mistake. They don’t prepare for the experience in a good way and have challenging time. With the appropriate preparation and integration guidance, you can avoid both of these common mistakes

Microdosing Guidance

Psilocybin is emerging as one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet… and is one of the many tools I used to heal myself of chronic, life-threatening depression.

Learn to work with this potent healing medicine in a safe, non-hallucinogenic way.

"Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in."


“I wasn't living my full life because I was afraid to disappoint people when my desires were in conflict with theirs. I was living my life for my family and my partners at work as well as in my love life. Kim helped me to process and release old thinking habits and made it easy to follow my own truth.”


- Robert F


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