Catalyze Breakthroughs in Your Personal and Professional Life with

Personal Non-Hallucinogenic Microdosing Guidance and Support

I have worked extensively with microdosing in the past and found the results to be profound and sustainable.

It wasn’t so long ago the smallest amount of stress would knock me off my game


That I felt disconnected from other people and myself


It wasn’t so long ago that my creativity felt blocked, and I distracted myself daily from what was truly important to me.


Then I discovered non-hallucinogenic microdosing with psilocybin.


Within weeks:


  • My depression lifted almost completely.


  • I felt alive and connected to myself.


  • I stopped procrastinating while my creativity EXPLODED.


But what has surprised me the most is that even after I stopped microdosing regularly, all the benefits have continued.




Because microdosing literally “re-wires” and re-generate the neural pathways in your brain.


Unlike many other therapies and drugs, when you microdose you permanently change your neurochemistry. It permanently rewires your brain so you interact with your life in a completely new way.


But what I learned is that microdosing isn’t a “magic pill.” You can’t just microdose and watch your problems miraculously disappear.


To get the full benefits of microdosing, you need two things.


The first is to align your journey with your personal goals.


This is what catalyzes your development. Without this alignment, you’re just “having a good time.” You’re not growing.


The second is to have a personal guide.


You need someone who has “been there, done that” and knows the way.




A guide helps you avoid misinformation, nurtures your growth, and holds you accountable to the transformation you desire.


These two reasons are why I offer personalized microdosing guidance.


When you work with me you’ll learn:


How to microdose using psilocybin, how to create a microdosing protocol unique to you, and how to permanently integrate your breakthroughs into your everyday life.


For obvious reasons, there is only so much I can say here. If you’re interested, use the form below to schedule a free, 15-minute exploration call with me.


If you are curious to learn more listen to my podcast interview with Paul Austen from Third wave.


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