Integrate Your Spiritual Awakenings into Everyday Life to Create Long-Term & Stable Life Upgrades

Whether you are doing a full ceremony or microdosing, my process is flexible enough to work with any type of ceremony or dieta.

After a particularly harrowing Ayahuasca journey, Tim Ferris said:


“Ninety per cent of the anger I had held onto for decades, since I was a kid, was just gone. Absent.”


Just like Tim, I didn’t know how to “deal” with my life.


I thought about most things in a negative way… and I didn’t know how to stop.


I felt stuck in patterns, “loops,” of behavior that didn’t serve me.


I was drinking, smoking and traveling, anything to help me cope with my life.


Then, at a particularly low point, a friend invited me to an Ayahuasca ceremony.


Right away I could tell that this medicine is the real thing. That I’m in for a deep and life changing work. I continued to sit with Ayahuasca for the next 12 years and now I


  • Feel a deep sense of connectedness to all Life and the essence of Love.


  • Had a profound spiritual awakening and formed a new relationship to Spirit.


  • Purged old stories, stuck emotions and painful memories.


  • Have created positive, long-term life upgrades


But it wasn’t the same for everyone around me. For some people, they would return to Ayahuasca again and again…


...only to have the same breakthrough, over and over and over.




They didn’t  know how to integrate their experience into their everyday life… so once the ceremony was done, they didn’t integrated the insight and wisdom into action. They never create change in their life.


So I asked myself, “How am I experiencing lasting changes while other people aren’t?”


I realized you need two things to create permanent changes in your life with Ayahuasca:


First you must prepare yourself appropriately.


For many people, all they know to do to prepare is to follow a “dieta” before the ceremony. In my experience this is not enough. You need to clarify your personal goals and intentions before you enter such experience.


Second, take the time to integrate after your journey.


To create permanent change, you need to make real changes in your habits, thoughts, and patterns. If you don’t? Your perspective shifts will only happen in your mind, not in your life.


These two reasons are exactly why I offer personal Ayahuasca preparation and integration coaching.


In our work together I’ll help you prepare yourself for your Ayahuasca ceremony and fully integrate your experience into your everyday life.


My goal is to help you create a positive experience so you can generate long-term, positive, and stable upgrades in your life.


There is only so much I can say here on my website.


If you’re curious about Ayahuasca preparation and integration coaching, use the form below to schedule a free, 15-minute exploration call with me.


  • Two 90 minute prep coaching sessions, check-in calls, texts, and emails as needed.

  • Guidance for managing your privacy and handling conversations with colleagues, friends and family members.

  • A curriculum of the best documentaries, articles, and books to help you prepare for your experience so you enter your retreat with confidence and ease.

  • Using an NLP informed inquiry process I will identify the root psychological blocks that have been holding you back from the changes you have been wanting to make in your life. We will then craft your intentions for the ceremony out of these insights.

  • Guidance through the Dieta Cleanse process, preparing your mind, heart, spirit AND body for your retreat


  • Best practices for harvesting your insights during the retreat.

  • A 30 min check-in call before the first ceremony.

  • Check-in calls as needed throughout the ceremony series.

  • A 60-minute insight harvest coaching session
    post-ceremony to help you make sense of it all and prepare for the week.


  • Three integration coaching sessions, 1 day, 7 days and 15 days after your retreat.

  • The integration coaching sessions reveal the highest leverage actions you can take and provide you with the best strategies to take them. We focus equally on your professional and personal life goals. Together we track your progress over three weeks, continuing to gain new insights and strategies. We complete with a plan you can follow into the future.

  • I will be available for text and check-in calls as needed.

  • New materials – documentaries, books, and articles, as needed to support your continued integration.


Email me your questions, or go ahead and book a

15-min exploration call for us to determine whether I

can help you get the experience of life you wish to have.

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