Accept Yourself and Face the Relentless Demand of Responsibilities Distracting You From Your Inner Truth

Does that scare you?


Good, then you’re in the right place.


The truth is most people resist facing the reality. They don’t want to face the truth of their life. It’s too painful and hard.


But facing the truth, facing reality, is the only way out. To ignore reality is to ignore life and perpetuate the cycle of suffering. To face the truth, to face the reality of your life, is the only way to change your life.


If you do not turn to face reality, your reality will remain the same. You’ll stay in the same job. You’ll stay in the same kind of relationships. You’ll have the same feelings day in, day out.


To get out of this vicious cycle and pave a new path forward, you have to-

Create a New “Map of Reality” and Reconnect to Your Innate Passion for Life

What is your “map of reality?”


In essence, it’s your “navigation system” for your life.


It’s what guides you to make decisions. It’s what determines your level success. It’s what attracts you into relationships (good and bad.)


The thing is, most people go through life thinking their map of reality is the absolute truth. That what they have is all they can hope for, that they can’t change it, and that their life is static.


And because they think their life is static, when they run into a problem they blame everyone around them.


They think their problems are the result of other people. They think, “If they just change, then everything will work out. If my boss would promote me. If my partner would have more sex with me. If they’d pay me more… then things will work out.”


But here’s the problem: you are the only one who can “fix” your life.


If you experience uncontrollable emotions, if you have endless spirals of toxic thoughts, if you have unsatisfying and unfulfilling relationships… is where you get to make a choice.

You can either continue to use your “old map,” the map that has lead you down the road of psychological and emotional suffering, or...


You can work with me to create a new map.  


With my help, we’ll craft a brand-new belief system so you can follow your inner truth, end toxic habits, and most importantly? Fully accept yourself.


Many people are afraid of the truth. They are worried that their life will unravel, but here is what becomes available to you when you “do the work:”


  • Identify old harmful beliefs that are keeping you in negative thought “loops.”

  • Understand the old stories that create your identity, how they shape your perception of your mind and body, and write new ones.

  • Create your new “map of reality” that supports your positive outlook to clear away years of mental self sabotage.

  • Take action in alignment with your new belief system to anchor your new beliefs into your everyday life.


Will it be easy?


Not likely


Is it possible?


Absolutely, if you’re willing to commit the time and energy to the work.


You can feel scared and be ready to grow. You don’t have to do it alone. I will hold your hand through the fire of your transformation.


Let me be your “sherpa” on this journey of self-discovery. Let me guide you up the mountain. Let me be your cheerleader and your coach… urging you forward and inviting you to go deeper.


If you are ready to -


  • Enjoy your life without nagging depressive & anxous thoughts weighing you down,

  • Avoid falling into the trap of “quick fixes” and create permanent, radical changes in your life, and

  • Release yourself from the pain of not living your purpose


Then I invite you to click the button below and schedule a free, 15-minute exploration call with me. On our call, I’ll help you identify what’s holding you back -


-and help you lay out a  plan to create a new map for reality, and a new future.

“Sit, be still, and listen, because you're drunk and we're at the edge of the roof.”


"Kim helped me identify the core beliefs and patterns that were causing me pain and see how those beliefs and strategies helped me to survive the craziness of my life.   


She helped me to generate acceptance and compassion toward myself which then allows me to change my core beliefs and change my life."

- Ali V.


Email me your questions, or go ahead and book a

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